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Agnes & Dora - Lin & Kat (@linandkatadoreyou)

Can we talk about marriage for a minute? This man, he just gets soul. He is always willing to try new things with me. We have been together for almost 14 years. Through all of our controlled chaos we keep each other smiling. You have to find laughter. You have to find peace. Marriage is work, not negative work, just work. To show up, to be present for each other. This man does this for me. Recently strolling through Target I picked up @chipgaines book and reading the cover found myself thinking “ David needs to read this”. Showing it to him he responded telling me he already thought about it. I half joking suggested we should get their other book and read together...he didn’t skip a beat and said ok. So now every night, we crawl into bed and read. Chapter for chapter. It’s quiet, all the kids are sleeping, the pups are snoring away and we just lay and read. Our reading dates have become something I look forward to all day. Such a simple way to show up for each other, for our marriage and put in the work. Comment below and tell me what you love to do with your partner? How do you show up for each other?