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Vice chair in at North Tyneside Business Forum

The North Tyneside Business Forum has appointed a new vice chair.

Established by North Tyneside Council and businesses in the borough in 2010, the organisation supports large and small companies in the surrounding area.

As it enters its eight year Karen Goldfinch, who heads up Made to Treasure – one of the original members of the forum – has been appointed vice chair.

"We have such a vibrant and diverse mix of businesses in our borough," she said. "The forum is a great place to meet and develop through shared knowledge but also a place socially to meet and make new connections."

Chairman David Bavaird added: "Our organisation continues to grow and is increasingly influential through the almost daily changing economic landscape. This has been achieved through some very positive changes on how we operate, which has repositioned the business forum as the lead organisation representing the business community in North Tyneside."

Norma Redfearn, elected mayor of North Tyneside, hailed the success the Business Forum has had since it launched.

"It provides invaluable support for businesses in the borough as well as helping our local economy thrive and contributing towards making North Tyneside a great place to live, work and visit," she said. "I would encourage any local businesses interested in joining the forum to contact a member of the team and take advantage of the benefits that being a member has to offer."