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Approaching Digitalization With A Cool Head

It’s not a case of companies not wanting to tackle the new challenges. According to a study undertaken by KfW in 2017, 42 percent of the companies surveyed have firm plans to implement digitalization projects in the next two years. It’s just that lot...

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Setting Up Your Airbnb for Guest WiFi

You've just returned to your property after letting it over a long holiday weekend. Checking around, it looks like everything is in the right place and where it should be - garbage emptied, no spills on the cushions and your guests have even thoughtf...

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Airbnb App Not Working on iOS 11.3

@Garry, I assume that since you are running iOS 11.3 that you are a developer or someone participating in the 11.3 beta program?If the AirBnB app crashes under 11.3, you should contact AirBnB support and let them know.(They...

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First Uber, then AirBnB. Now Rentberry.

First the Seattle City Council passed an ordinance allowing Uber drivers to unionize, to try to address issues with compensation and conditions for drivers. Then last fall it passed an ordinance limiting AirBnB rentals, to try to stop short-term r...