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Corbyn's war: a new Y-front opens up

Atticus: Roland WhiteJanuary 21 2018, 12:01am, The Sunday TimesAtticus: Roland WhiteWith just over three weeks until Valentine’s Day, politicians will no doubt be thinking about suitable gifts for their fully consensual and wholly equal partners. And...

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Solicitors drop website claim on HPV vaccine

Mark TigheThe World Health Organisation reports that there are no known long-term side effects from GardasilGETTY IMAGESA leading firm of medical negligence solicitors has dropped an “inaccurate” claim about the Gardasil vaccine from its website, and...

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(Oryza sativa Lcv Mushoori) seedlings

Behera, B.K.; Sayeed, S.A., 1987: Effect of sugar mill effluent on oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide output of rice (Oryza sativa L.c.v. Mushoori) seedlings. Environmental Research 43(1): 135-141 The effects of a sugar mill effluent on respiration of...