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Only H1 on 23andme = rare haplogroup?

I read 23andme tests all the most populous H1 subclades, and found a list. I accounted for 14 subclades of H1 not tested on 23andme. Half of those are Germanic and British in origin, the other half are Iberian in origin, 2 of which are Basque. We ar...

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which is better, ancestryDNA or 23andme?

I got over 3 million results in Google for the words dna test comparison 2017 You could repeat my search. https://www.smarterhobby.com/genealogy/b... was the top result that wasn't an ad. They say: F´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐amilyTree DNA: best for serious genealogy, YDN...

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Holistic Health // Jess (@coastalrebelwellness) Do you read captions or nah? I'm all about captions (depending who it is). There are some new followers here so I thought I'd do my first ever intro with 10 facts about yours truly! Tell me what we hav...