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Travel in Pollachi train, win a bicycle

tnn | Jan 23, 2018, 00:46 IST Coimbatore: To create awareness on new trains and encourage people to take up train journey to reduce pollution, Coimbatore Citizen Voice Club, a consumer forum, is planning to gift a bicycle to one train passenger a...

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Decoding Dropbox's Value Ahead Of Its IPO

Morning Report: Let’s take another look at Dropbox’s value through the prism of secondary transactions. After news broke that Dropbox had privately filed to go public, we took a swing at what it figuring out what it might be worth at the...

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IFTTT Applets For Philips Hue

For those of you who haven’t heard of IFTTT — short for “IF This, Then That” — it’s a web-based automation platform that does a great job of tying a lot of different technologies together. You can use it for many things, ranging from tyi...