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New Track from Happy Jawbone Family Band

Happy Jawbone Family Band don’t fail with head-scratching song titles or fuzz-coated, Little Richard inspired riffs on this lead track from their forthcoming retrospective album, Tastes The Broom, available on January 29th.  Listen to “N...

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Misfit Flash Review

Introduction If there’s one area with my health I’m happy with, it’s the amount I track it. I have both an iPhone and an Apple watch, and with a slew of apps and Apple Health, I’m able to find out every last detail of my life. Step...

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Tampa Sisters Want Answers For Cold Case

Sharon Scott and Sheila Williams of Tampa had been searching for their sister, Brenda Williams, ever since she disappeared in 1978. Last year, the two had their DNA tested to see if it matched a cold case victim they saw at a University of South Flor...