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buzzfeed would never make this video

They met at a bar that afternoon before filming started. Liquid courage, Ryan had called it. "Or a surefire way to a pair o' whiskey dicks," Shane quipped back, giving him a playful smile, and Ryan knew he was totally screwed.ORShane and Ryan...

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The Bluest Monday?

It is just another Monday morning in Selly Oak. My alarm goes off and, as usual, I proceed to lie in bed for another half an hour, procrastinating the day by scrolling through my phone and wondering how it can still be dark outside at 7am. I open...

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Letters to the Editor, Jan. 21

NO PLACE FOR KIDSRe: Nude swim. I’m writing on this matter again in regards to Ricky Leong’s Buzzfeed-worthy dribble and the editor’s question after Ed Skapin’s letter. First, I’ll answer the question of who would want to gawk? The answe...

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L. Shauntay Snell

Latoya Shauntay Snell is a freelance chef, photographer, contributing writer for The Root and founder of RunningFatChef, a food-and-fitness blog that documents her experiences as a plus-size marathoner, ultra-marathoner and obstacle-course racer. Sh...