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[ruby] instacart.rb

store_items = { milk: 2, bread: 3, cheese: 1, eggs: 4 } inventory = { milk: 10, bread: 40, cheese: 5, eggs: 20 } puts "Welcome to instacart!" total_price = 0 new_item = nil bill = [] store_items.each do |key, value| puts "#{ke...

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Ocado unveils second robotic warehouse deal

Ocado, the British internet supermarket that is reinventing itself as a supplier of robotic warehouses to retailers around the world, has unveiled its second deal with an international supermarket chain in less than two months.Canadian groc...

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Instacart Driver

Image source: TechCrunch As one of the most prestigious, popular on-demand grocery stores, Instacart’s business model is unique. And it’s lucrative both for its full-time shoppers, shoppers only, and drivers. The company is expanding the gig econo...

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amazon fresh vs instacart

How Amazon's Whole Foods purchase could solve its grocery supply chain puzzle. Can't speak to Amazon Fresh or Fresh Direct, but have used Instacart for almost a year now. Grocery delivery service comparison: Instacart vs. AmazonFresh. The How Inst...