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Uber or Lyft

1. Re: Uber or Lyft No. Taxis are the main form of transportation if aren't renting a vehicle. There are so many taxis at popular destinations that there's really no need to call or reserve a taxi. And I think many taxi drivers will leave the...

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Uber settles P41-M tax deficiency

UBER SYSTEMS, Inc. (Uber Philippines) has paid P41.15 million to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), settling its value added tax (VAT) deficiency for the second half of 2017 and avoiding possible suspension or closure of its operations. “The payme...

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Blink the lights when your Uber is arriving

This guide requires you to have already connected IFTTT to your WIFIPLUG account. Not yet set this up? Please see this guide on how to link your WIFIPLUG account to IFTTT. Step 1) Open the IFTTT app and login to your IFTTT account. Step 2) Go to t...

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Uber will aggressively invest in SE Asia: CEO

Reuters/New Delhi Uber Technologies Inc’s chief executive pledged to continue investing aggressively in Southeast Asia even though the US ride hailing firm expects to lose money in the fast growing market due to costly battles with rivals such as G...

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Uber's New Express Pool: Walk and Wait

Uber has launched a new service that lowers ride-sharing costs for customers who are willing to walk to and from designated locations. Express Pool became available this week in several participating cities. Passengers must walk a short distance to a...