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Forrester's CXSF 2017: Insights From Day 2

Note: For Day 1 insights, click here. I first want to give a shout out to Forrester for their Tap app. Available in the App Store and on Google Play, the app allows you to quickly give real-time customer experience feedback—and be part of a communit...

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Meet 7 Startups Creating Lab-Grown Meat

We cover a isht ton of disruptive technologies here at Nanalyze so that our readers understand what’s out there that may be worth investing in as opportunities present themselves. The hope is that we learn something cool and make a few bucks in the...

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Singapore Bot Builders Meetup

Join the teams from Slack and Hooq for a morning of chats, nibbles, and networking with the Singapore bot builder community! We'll have technical talks from the Slack and Hooq teams about blending conversational AI and workflow-oriented U...