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SpaceX base on Mars in late 2030s

Picture of the Day 21/10/2017 - SpaceX base on Mars, featuring a transparent geodesic dome - a closeup from official Mars City concept image by SpaceX. Acording to our speculated Mars Colonization Timeline the first human base on Mars could be devel...

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SpaceX: Iridium switches to used boosters

Iridium swaps two new Falcon 9 rockets for “flight-proven” boosters Citing schedule concerns over price benefits, Iridium announced Thursday it will launch its next 20 satellites on a pair of previously-flown Falcon 9 boosters from Vandenberg Air For...

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paperburn1 wrote:Note: but some bad data into the thought stream (Thanks Ladajo don't know what i was thinking) ICBM start at about 3 G . but the basic problem still remains the same, will the BFR hold enough fuel to take off and land within a accep...