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Bitcoin Visa card 'TenX'

Review of TenX pay token. TenX recently completed a sucessful ICO and are in the process shipping Visa cards to European customers. North Americans will have to wait until early next year to order theirs.

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Typhoon theme at World Cup Gamagori

Gamagori, Japan (October 21, 2017) – The first medallists at the inaugural World Cup Series event in Japan have been decided after a wet day of competition. Typhoon Lan is expected to hit Japan late tomorrow, well after competition has concluded in G...

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I don't agree with this policy. As the price of bitcoin has gone up we are effectively at a loss. If we used BTC to pay we should expect a full refund in BTC otherwise TenX is profiting from keeping us waiting for cards. Where is the incentive for th...

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1620 ten-x, llc jobs

SAP IS Retail Online Training Course For Professionals 02 May 2016 Taking up the Retail Online Training under the SAP’s course is very beneficial for industrial progress. SAP IS Retail is the Sap’s module that professionals prefer to use as it...