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The iPhone 8 Reviews: What the Critics Say

NEW YORK — Reviews of the newest iPhones — the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus — landed across the Internet on Tuesday (Sept 19), with most major reviewers agreeing that they represent a modest improvement over the previous generation but remain...

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[ANN] TenX [ICO]

So Julian from TenX states they will have a new credit card issuer before October 15, and not to worry because their issuer is top secret, and will work after October 15. Now they release an article stating they do not have a new issuer and everyone...

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TKN VS TENX speculations?

I dont get it why TenX isnt higher up on the charts. Good community, always communicating via social media, good roadmap. Is something up?They lie about any actual issue or problem. For example the most recent lie was about Wavecrest. Firs they state...

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10 Fantastic Covers by Tegan and Sara

5. I Don't Want to Be - Gavin DeGrawTegan and Sara covered this song to be featured in One Tree Hill, and it's honestly a crime that a full version wasn't released as the bit we did get to hear is fantastic. [embedded content] 6. Turnpike...

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Night and Day at RS:X Worlds

Enoshima, Japan (September 19, 2017) – After the massive wind shifts and challenging rolling waves from yesterday, day 2 of the RS:X Windsurfing World Championships was widely different to the first days racing – which all 168 competitors were extrem...

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Episode 6

On our first episode, Curtis and Matt discuss how workplaces, careers and friendships are being affected by automation. Your hosts are: Curtis Sellick, finance analyst and Matt Ryan, digital marketing strategist. Critical to our mission this week:Cu...