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Apple turns iPhone up to ten

Apple spent a lot of time introducing a rather slim slate of new products at last week’s launch of new iPhones (http://ow.ly/q6vV30fbtyl). The company introduced software level updates to its AppleTV streaming media product, a new Apple Watch and thr...

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Apple's brave new world

iPhone X comes at the staggering price of $999 for 64GB variant and $1,149 for the 256GB variant Sep 19, 2017-It was exactly 10 years ago that Apple introduced the first iPhone to the tech world. With its innovative approach and features that outdid...

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Ya because I'm the only one saying this stuff. The entire reddit sub is full of people speaking their minds about the flaws in this product, but the only response you get is "You suck" or "your a noob" because there is nothing innovative about this p...